Jina's Healing Touch Massage Reviews

A massage at Jina's healing touch is over the top! The first time I was there, she greated me very professionally and really wanted to know what she could do for me! She truly has gifted hands! For a small gal, she truly has a strong touch in the areas that need it and makes you feel so relaxed. You really don't want to leave when she is done with you! As a construction worker, I strongly recommend checking out this provider for your aches and pains!! Thank you Jina, for making my body feel good!

                                                                                                         ~ Todd B.



Jina's Healing Touch,

I want you know how much you are appreciated for what you do.

 Over a dozen surgeries (five of them spinal), arthritis, nerve pain, and continual sore muscles, you help me cope with my daily activities.

 It has been difficult over the years to find that certain someone who can make you forget about all your aches and pains for a time, and make your body feel good again. I was welcomed professionally and have felt very comfortable since our first meeting. The bamboo treatment was quite a surprise for me; who would think that a warm stick could feel so good! You have such a great touch Jina, with the most wonderful fluent motion, it goes beyond words.

 Thank you Jina for what you do for me.... and for others.

 You truly have a great gift.

 You give me back quality of life.


A very satisfied client,

                                                                                                                           ~ Ed A


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